Cocoa Bean Profile Roasting for Chocolate Makers with John Nanci

Learn the next big movement in Bean to bar chocolate making


Cocoa Bean Profile Roasting for Chocolate Makers with John Nanci

Learn the next big movement in Bean to bar chocolate making

Profile Roasting? why is it critical you learn it?

Your impressions of the chocolate and what aromas occurred during the roast are the most important pieces of data that you can collect. Those impressions will heavily affect how you create and adjust a roast profile.
— Alchemist John

What is Profile roasting?

There’s growing sense that the roasting step of making chocolate is one of the most important in determining the final flavor of your chocolate. Coffee roasters have known this for a long time but we’re finally coming around to it in the chocolate world as well.

The simplest definition of profile roasting we can give is it’s creating a profile of a live roast by translating the data your senses provide into information that alters how you roast your next batch of that bean. It’s science and art and all about your senses and your tastes.

Profile roasting is about making your bar unique to you and your tastes by using practical sciences and careful observation.

What will you learn?

  • Learn a methodical way to adjust the flavor profile of the your chocolate

  • Learn how to roast by your senses.  

  • Learn how to roast by numbers.

  • Learn how to adjust a roast profile to YOUR tastes.

  • Learn which sections of a roast are important sections.

  • Learn how modifying those sections can influence the outcome of the chocolate.  

  • Learn how to taste chocolate.

  • Learn the importance of good data collection.

We learned to smell and what those smells told us. something you can not learn by a book. - Peter Z.

  • Learn how to take an unfamiliar bean and roast it to your tastes

  • There will also be hands on roasting on my Royal #5.

  • Learn techniques to roast consistently.

A comprehensive class on roasting that brought together well the science, theory, and practical hands on experience. I learned why and how roasting changes flavors and more importantly, how not to roast.
— Mark M. (2019)




Changed the way I think about roasting. We now have a very controlled and predictable process. One of the best investments we made.

Nick X (2019)

For a true novice the seminar was exceptional. Need to take it again and finally get to roasting locally.

David D. (2018)

The fast (and justified) method of roasting improved both quality and productivity.

Rogerio Galvão Kamei (2019)

Great oppprtunity to ask questions, clarify confusing topics and pick John’s brain!

Amanda H (2019)

We learned about types of roast that make a better bean meaning not driving off the good part’s you want to keep when the bean is at EOR knowing when to take it slow. or when to push it. also we learned to smell and what those smells told us. something you can not learn by a book.

Peter Z (2019)

The informal seminar made it possible to relax and focus on the information being taught. Learning exactly how a bean roasts and stages from development to EOR was a huge help. Working with the Belmor was an added addition as everyone is not ready for the big roaster. Showing how to track your temperature in the little coffee roaster was great - it means that you can have a better understanding of where your beans are with respect to a roast and decide if you should change it (P1-5) on the next roast
— Patricia & Michael (2019)

I wanted to learn the "art of roasting".  To drive the roast via senses.  To know what is happening as the roast progresses.  As opposed to loading the beans into a computerized machine and hitting a pre-set button.  Got what I wanted.  The art of roasting that John teaches is a cornerstone that I am building my own small b2b business on.

Susan Fitch (2019)

I have been making chocolate for 4 months, making 1 batch each weekend. I studied John's videos before I bought the equipment, and he got me off to a great start. My friends (and I) love the chocolate. The roasting seminar helped to take my chocolate to a new level.

Jeanette Tan (2018)

I now understand cocoa roasting fundamentals. Extremely helpful and unique; no "I believe this is the best way". Everything is grounded in science and proper experimental design.

Mel O (2019)

Meet your Instructor, Alchemist John

Meet your Instructor, Alchemist John


Meet Alchemist John

Your Instructor

John Nanci, aka Alchemist John, aka The Alchemist, founded Chocolate Alchemy in 2004 supplying people with all the knowledge, equipment and cocoa beans needed to make chocolate and igniting the current Bean to Bar Chocolate movement. He is 13 parts scientist, 8 parts teacher, 5 parts innovator, 3 parts brewer, baker & chocolate maker, 2 parts puzzle solver, 1 part maths spotter, who loves a Fibonacci sequence and, last but not least, his daughter.


What others have said about john

The godfather of kitchen-counter Chocolatiering. -The New York Times

One of the most important figures in the American craft chocolate scene” - Paste Magazine

The pied piper of the New American Craft Movement -The C-Spot


Register For our next Class

Register For our next Class

Ready to book your space?

Payment is non-refundable but is transferrable. There is a Hampton Inn within walking distance that I will be speaking with about holding a block of rooms and maybe giving a discount.

The Seminars are held at our warehouse facility at 4065 W. 11th Ave, Eugene OR.


The Details

This Seminar is geared toward professional bean to bar chocolate makers (of any size) with the intent of learning how to drum roast.

Home and aspiring chocolate makers are welcome to attend. Previous experience roasting is suggested but not necessary.

The seminar limited to 12 people.


Tentative schedule

8:00 - 9:00am doors open. Feel free to arrive, talk, etc.
9:00-10:00am Roasting demonstration – developing the profile 
10:00-11:30am Theory and science of roasting profile lecture 
11:30-1:00pm Modifying the profile with selected chocolate tasting 
1:00-2:00pm lunch(chicken mole burritos may be provided - TBD) 
2:00-3:00pm Q and A + more tastings of chocolate 
3:00-5:00pm – various roasting demonstrations and hands on roasting 
5:00pm- ?? Q and A Adjourn for dinner. 

Suggested Reading Prior to the seminar: