I need to find a way to get the sugar smooth enough without milling. I am really trying to avoid the whole milling/refining thing all together, but I guess it is done for a reason. Actually, I still hold out hope as there are huge differences between large scale and home scale. We will see. Anyway, in preparation for the 3-4 lbs of cocoa that I have waiting on sugar, cocoa butter and time, I decided to try getting some raw sugar to the point of my memory of powdered sugar, i.e. no texture. I pulled out my "biggest" appliance, the Vita-Mix, added three cups (I will need more, but it is a start) of raw sugar and started. I started on low, and virtually immediately went to high. No problem. I reversed directions a couple three times at 30 second intervals for about 2 minutes. It is looking like powdered sugar at this point. Taste. Hum, still some texture. Another minute or so. The sugar is caking some and quite warm. Looking promising still. Taste. Less texture, but still there. That's all my tricks for the moment. I put it away and will ruminate on it awhile. The AlChemist has left the laboratory.

Ruminations: Maybe sugar and cocoa liqueur in vitamix or Champion. With the screen on the juicer, that would do it. I have considered adding a touch of water, but something about this does not feel right, but you never know when breaking new ground Supposedly it will cause the chocolate to seize. I should try everything and not just not try something because I don't think it will not work because I don't KNOW it will not work. I could be the philosophers stone after all.

Quick current update: No surprise but water does not work at all. It does indeed cause the chocolate to seize. Likewise the Champion just spits it out the front. The vitamix still stands a chance though.