Just a few updates. We are getting very low on the Ghanan Forastero and the new Certified Organic Madagascar. If you want to try either, I would recommend doing it soon. I expect we will be out by the Holidays. We are now offering a Sampler pack. It will consist of one quarter pound of five different cocoa beans. This way you can try them out in a couple of recipes and decide which you like the best. The price is $20.00 plus shipping. We do not have the Products page updated yet with them or the next product(s).

Kits: We have been having a lot of requests for both introduction kits and roasted cocoa nibs. Well, for the time being I am going to combine the two. The "Novice" kit will consist of 2 lbs of roasted nibs of my choice (although I will take requests, but can't guarantee I can fulfill them), 8 oz of certified organic cocoa butter (in convenient half ounces cubes), 1 oz of lecithin, and 2-3 chocolate molds (designs again left in the hands of fate), and some basic directions and recipes. If you have a Champion Juicer, this kit will set you up on the road to a few pounds of home made chocolate. The price will be about $30.00 but more on that once the new Kits page is written and finalized. Just after Thanksgiving in all likelihood.

The "Apprentice Kit" will contain roasted and unroasted cocoa beans, so you can start getting a feel for roasting. It will also have cocoa butter and more chocolate molds.

The "Alchemist kit" will not contain anything really special or different that you could not just purchase individually, but will have a price break when you include a Crankandstein Cocoa mill. Basically a nice kit if you just want to jump in with both feet.

Let me know if you think of a variation in kits that you don't see. I am always open to suggestions.

As requested by a few people, these will be available for the Holidays and should make nice gifts.