The new Apprentice and Alchemist Kits are now available. Please allow some extra processing and delivery time. I roast and prepare them as ordered, and only roast once a week. That way the beans are fresh. Something kind of interesting has come up. I am getting requests for cocoa bean husks. Well, I have a few that I save from producing nibs, but in general, just don't have a lot of them. If you (who are buying beans) want to save your husks, I might have an outlet for you. They seem to be going into body scrub products. Let me know if you have some or want some and I will try to hook people up. Right now, I have none to sell.

Finally, as some of you may recall, I personally had a house fire about 10 months ago, so Chocolate Alchemy got displaced and turned into our living space. Well, I am just thrilled to report, we are back in our house ( a geodesic dome), and Chocolate Alchemy is back where it belongs. It is so good to have the laboratory back.