In between everything else, we finally have a E-mail list and Newsletter set up. You can check it out on the Subscription Page. Basically, the E-mail list is where we can actually hold some conversations that are not in these comments. The Newsletter is a one-way email from me (Alchemist John) about new products, beans and other items of interest. I don't know how often I will produce the Newsletter yet, but I expect not more than once a month. BTW, like everything new, I expect a few bumps ahead in this. We will work them out. The first bump is that the Subscription page does not actively tell you you have been subscribed. It just resets. If you get an email confirming your subscription, then you are subscribed - if not, you are not.

If anyone has questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at

So, please go Subscribe today and let's start talking chocolate!