Wow, I realize in the world we live in, 100,000 is not a particularly large number, but I personally think it is rather neat to have had Chocolate Alchemy visited that many times in under two years. Thank you everyone. I appreciate the support. And so this is not completely devoid of chocolate content, we are expecting new modified Santhas in within the month. A number of you have asked and I will put a note up here as soon as I know more.

I would like a little assistance, and only you who visit can help me. We are soon to implement a shopping cart with integrated shipping and billing (please hold the applause until it is in). At the same time I want to clean and tidy up the site and maybe give it a slight facelift. Noting the cart above, are there things you as customers and visitors would like to see either added or go away? You can either leave a note here or email me directly.

And here is to making 1,000,000 together!