We have word that the newest (and ONLY) cocoa roaster has landed. We should have our stock tomorrow and all pre-orders will go out a day after that. I want to open a couple up, try them out, kick the tires and make sure everything is just like the pre-production models I tested. Once I am happy I will take them off pre-order, and they will be fully available. In the mean time, we needed some more space, so this weekend was spent rearranging and building new shelves for the roasters and some other new upcoming products. shop2.jpg

By the way, that "thing" on top of the filing cabinet to the left is a Behmor in full "test" mode. I seem to have this thing about tearing equipment apart to know how it works. It's how to keep "on top" of things.


Oh, and yes, that is a Champion to the right. I use them too!