I want to wish everyone a great holiday.  I am going to be taking a little time off and for family, so I may be a bit scarce around until the turn of the year. On that note, all orders received by Thursday evening will go out Friday.  After that, it will be a couple days after Christmas before we ship again.  Also, any Cocoa mills purchased in the last couple weeks are running a bit behind due to a parts shortage due to the holiday rush.  Please be patient - you will get your mill.

Also on the "scarce" note, we have been having some trouble responding to some e-mail domains, namely Yahoo and Comcast.  If you have one of those email addresses and have not received a reply from me, that may be why.  They have marked us as spam.  We are working on fixing that.

Finally, look for 2 or maybe even 3 new cocoa beans in January.  We have the new crop of Panama coming in (a very delicately flavored bean) and possibly some FT Ghana.  A little more Conacado may also show up.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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