We will be closed from October 16 - October 24.  I will be traveling in China during that time.  I will not be checking email, orders, correspondence, etc during that time.  I will be leaving the shopping cart and store on, but obviously, shipping will not resume until the week of the 27 th. On a different front, Penelope (my partner) had a follow up MRI for her cancer and there are no new problems.  Healing is underway and the tumors are shrinking well, although medication side effects are 'fun'.

And on the chocolate front, when I get back, I will be offering up a new Melanger for sale.  Ultra has noted what Santha has been doing and offered to send me a modified one for evaluation.  It has a few quirks and differences, but nothing that would keep me from offering it.  It will retail or $399 but will come with a 1 year warranty and a metal center hub.  Not to be out done (not that they knew), Santha will be offering metal hubs on the next shipment of Melangers (plus a higher price tag, about to the $399 range).

That's all for now.  Catch you on the flip side of my trip.

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