Why do I write titles to these things?  Not really sure, except it is a field to fill in.  Oy, slave to the machine. But, the elections are indeed over, and regardless of who you voted for, we have a new President (elect).  I actually don't keep abreast of politics all that much.  Maybe a sin, maybe not.  I have heard all about the financial crisis we are in, and you know what?  In many ways, I can't say I notice it.  Business is a little slow, but by not listening about it every day (just don't have time for news news news) it seems to me I don't get sucked into thinking about it, don't feed it, and it just isn't that bad.

What in the world does that have to do with chocolate?  Business more like it and doing things we enjoy.  I want you to enjoy life.  I want you to do something you enjoy.  I want to help you do it.  In many places, you might be expecting me to 'spin' something really big about now.  Well, it isn't that big.  But it is something.

I am hoping to entice you just a little bit into getting into chocolate making.  I have looked over the books, and dropped a few prices here and there (I will tell you which ones later, right now you just have to look around).  I have also dropped the our overhead rate on shipping (the handling part), so for anything you buy, shipping will be less ($1-2 on average).  Over the next month I am going to look at a few other items and see what I can shave some off of (5-10%).  I am doing this mostly to convince you it isn't all doom and gloom and it is only as bad as you make it out to be.  You know me by now.  I do what feels right, and not always was is considered orthodox.  Oh well.

The biggest drop I have made is the one item I have the most sweat equity invested in, and so have to most wiggle room.  If you have been thinking about the Behmor, now is a good time.  My hands are tied on the new ones, but the refurbished ones I have dropped to $199 (OOHHHH, notice the subtle marketing, under $200, AAHHHH - sorry, couldn't resist) and reduced the shipping weight in half, so that is another $10-20 right there.

Oh, and for the holidays, we have added Gift Certificates.