Dec 23 update - All orders that have come in have now been packed and are ready to shipped.  I am going to go ahead and close up shop until the new year.  Drop ships (champions, Melangers, cocoa mills) and gift certificates can still go out.  Everything else, unless I just happen to have it out still, will wait until the turn of the year.  E-mail is still up, so if you need help or a question answered, I am still here. I wish everyone a great and prosperous holiday and new year.  And thank you for all you have done to help and support me in this very trying year.

Alchemist John ------------- I and my daughter are moving 'into town'.  What that means is that Chocolate Alchemy is moving also.

What does this mean for you, my customers?  As I always do, I will be leaving the shopping cart turned on, but after Dec 23 will be the last day I will be shipping before then turn of the year.  Everything has to be packed up, broken down, moved 60 miles, put back up in good order, internet connections made, etc, etc etc.  I figure it will take about a week.  Maybe shorter, maybe longer.  It will take how ever long it takes in other words.

Keep the emails and questions coming.  I will try to keep down time to a minimum as well as turn around times, but delays are bound to happen.

So, official dates for closing are December 24 - January 3, with the 4-11th to catch back up.

Happy holidays everyone.

Alchemist John