Well, that was indeed the wheels of the Santha with product on them.  The 'trick' if there was one was that it was not chocolate.  It was praline.  Some time ago I read in The Cake Bible that it just was not possible to make Praline at home - that it was not possible to get it smooth enough.  Sound at all familiar?  Well, I just had to try it, and to my mind, it IS fully possible to make home made praline. Here is the whole batch.


One of the references I found to praline was that it used caramelized sugar.  I was going to use this as a Macro guessing photo, but I felt it was too obscure, so here is just a shot of the caramelized sugar, after it was cooled, and I broke it.


I also tried a batch with just straight granulated sugar and to my tastes, found out I liked it better.  I'll be putting the whole recipe and procedure together, but if you can make chocolate, this is child's play.  Roast, no cracking or winnowing, grind and refine and Bob's your uncle.  Home made praline.