What you think when you hear the  word “Chuao” seems to be a good indicator of how much time you spend thinking about chocolate. 'HUH?' may mean this is the first time you have visited here.  A exclamation may mean you are well read about chocolate and have heard just how great it can be.  I would fall into the latter category.  And want you there too.Deep, heady, rich, alluring.  Do I have you yet?

I have a very small amount of Chuao available.  And currently none available wholesale.  If it goes well (and I rather hope it well, but you can never tell), I will try and get more.  For about a month, if you would like a full 50 kg bag (or more, and I may actually need to set the minimum to two bags due to warehouse rules), please contact me directly (e-mail address is in Contact ) and I will set you up.

That's all for now.  More later - if all goes right, all beans will be available custom roasted later this week.