A few more bags of Venezuelan Chuao have made it in.  Right now I have a single 'spare' bag available for wholesale.  Multiple bags (50 kg) are available.  Please contact me directly if you would like pricing and more information. Also, Soy Milk Powder is back and makes a GREAT dairy free "milk" chocolate.  Combine it with the Chuao and you can have a killer dairy free milk chocolate.

I just took out the following batch of 53% (ok 52.9%) dairy free milk chocolate from the Melanger.  Due to the high solids content, refining time was about 48 hours.

22 oz Roasted La Red nibs (what you get from 2 lbs of whole beans)

32 oz Natural Cocoa butter

32 oz Sugar

16 oz Soy Milk Powder

Now that that is actually written up from my notes (I kept adding ingredients until I liked the consistency and flavor), I'm rather  please and surprised to see all the whole numbers (in pounds) fall into place.  That's looking very much like a new kit....  Fun.  So far I have not had a single person realize it's not 'regular' milk chocolate. Give it a try.