I have a question for Ask the Alchemist. How do I get it to you and get you to answer it?

You can send it to questions@chocolatealchemy.com.

And no, you have not missed this address somewhere. I’ve had quite the number of back logged questions. But now I would love to answer more of your questions, so I’ve created the new address.

Now, please try to keep them to specific chocolate related questions. Techniques, theory, understanding. That kind of thing. If you can avoid rhetorical questions (why do I love chocolate?) that would save us all time and energy. Read through some of the previous questions and I think you will see the flavor of question I am after. And I’ll say again, please keep it chocolate related to one degree or another.

That’s it for this week. Get thinking and get asking.

Oh, and if you were wondering, the above question was asked via one of the posts to Ask the Alchemist.