Ok, sort of a place holder week. Q:  Are you still doing the Ask the Alchemist series.

A:  Yes.  Until people stop asking questions.

Q:  I've never seen nibs before but the label on the bag says: "Nuts, medjool dates, molasses and interesting tobacco." Can you explain what that is supposed to mean? Do you know what's actually in the bag I received?

A:  Ha!  Those are tasting notes of the final chocolate.  There are not nuts, dates, molasses or tobacco  in what I send out.

Q:  Are you going to get cocoa pods in?

A:  Yes!  Look for the announcement next week.

Q:  Did you know many of your links are not working?

A:  Sadly, yes.  We are fully aware of the problem.  Unfortunately it is stumping the gurus.  It may turn out that a hard reload of the site may be required and as I suspect Murphy to rear his head, it may go down (not the stores) for a little while.

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