My cocoa butter arrived melted. Is it ruined?

Can you ship cocoa beans in the summer? I’m worried they will melt.

Will you ship my order on ice packs so it won’t melt?

With the summer months approaching and some days starting to heat up around the country, addressing these various concerns seems like perfect timing.

In short, the weather, hot or cold, won’t adversely affect any of the products I sell and ship. First and foremost, cocoa beans and cocoa nibs do not melt. Yes, they are 50% cocoa butter, but that cocoa butter is all encased in the cells of the bean. Think about it. We roast cocoa beans. If we can do that, in a 300 F oven or roaster, why would a blazing day of 100 F (or even 130 in certain trucks) melt the beans? They won’t.

Cocoa butter will melt of course. But that is really not a problem. Over the years we have learned to tape up the bags with care so if you are somewhere warm, even if the cocoa butter does melt, it won’t leak. And the heat itself won’t affect the cocoa butter. It’s not like tempered chocolate. There is nothing to ruin. Just let it set up (room temperature is fine) and you are good to go.

Basically the same goes with the lecithin. It might melt or get a little gummy, but it’s not gone bad and it is perfectly fine to use.

Finally, sorry, no. We can’t pack your order with ice packs. It’s huge overhead, and basically, it just does not serve any purpose.

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