The Retail and Wholesale stores have been rather significantly restructured.  And it is more than just a cosmetic facelift. In both cases the goal was a better shopping experience and the ability to better find information. In addition, for the Retail store, I have added a major new class of items that at first glance may go unnoticed.  Chocolate Alchemy is now offering the option of all cocoa beans as roasted nibs!  That means you have in all cases four (4) different options to choose from.  Raw and Roasted whole beans (2), and Raw and Roasted nibs (2), plus in some cases, Brewing cocoa for a 5th option.

The other major change is that all nibs (Raw and Roasted) are now offered in pound increments.  In the past you ordered a pound of beans, had them winnowed (for free), and received  the resulting nibs (about 12 oz) for the same price as 1 lb of beans.  Now, you simply order 1 lb of nibs and get one pound of nibs (Raw or Roasted).  But I will point out that it may at first glance look like I have raised prices or have begun charging for winnowing.  Rest assured, that is not the case.  One pound of nibs is more expensive then one pound of beans because I have to start with 1.25 lbs of beans to give you 1 lb of nibs, so the nibs are 1.25 times more.  I hope that makes sense.  The winnowing is still a free service for Retail purchases.  It is my way to help you get going.  On the other hand, I am charging for roasting.  But it is at a discounted scale, so the more you purchase, the less the per pound roasting fee.

Mostly unrelated to the Stores, I have also cleaned up the Alchemist Notebook - the basic 'how to' of chocolate making and you will find those (along with  other "Important Pages") across the new top navigation bar, which now also include all those lovely miasma of legal jargon (Return Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc), which I guess is Store related. Finally, if you find anything amiss, don't understand something or just want to give feed back, a brand new fancy pants Contact Us page is in place.