What did you do this year?


Wow, where to start?   2015 has been busy.  Well, clearly I can’t list everything, but let’s see what kind of chocolate related metrics I can pull up.  As Tom (my social marketer – he runs the Instagram page) has been known to say, I’ve been as busy as a one armed wall paper hanger.  After looking at some of these numbers I am wont to agree.

I put out 43 Ask the Alchemist articles.

I received and read 10362 emails.

I replied to 3953 emails.

I made 59 test batches of chocolate

We (I include Mackenzie (of Map Chocolate in here as she works here) winnowed 6619 pounds of cocoa beans

I roasted 6720 pounds of cocoa beans in my Royal #5

I wrote X words – I tried to work this out and failed.  From what I can tell, it is in excess of 100,000 words, but that’s as good as it gets.  Not too bad for someone who really disliked writing in school.

Made 158 lbs of test chocolate for experimentation and bean evaluation

I helped make 3785 truffles for school fund raising.

We shipped (and received – moving every bag by hand) 28950 pounds of beans from here in Oregon  and 63272 lbs beans total.

We built and shipped 33 Aether Winnowers this year worldwide.

61 Sylph winnowers were also built and shipped out.

There were 81176 unique visitors to the store sites (Retail and Wholesale) and in excess of 1 million total page hits total.

In order to keep myself fit to do these things I also did the following.

Ran 436 miles

Lifted 1445180 lbs working out (I lift 3 times a week)

For mental health I read 75 books

To fuel all that I

Drank 1500 cups (8 oz) of coffee from beans I roasted myself.

Consumed approximately 750,000 calories

And last buy certainly I hugged my daughter over 1000 times