Under no circumstances should you buy what is being called a Melanger from BuyIndianKitchen.com

The machines they are selling are NOT from Spectra.  The company is buying older versions somewhere (they won't respond to myself or Spectra) and completely fraudulently relabeling them as Spectra 11, 20, 40, 65 and 100.  Or worse, they are just sending completely different machines or not sending them at all.

And I know they say they have double scrapper arms like the Spectra.  I've seen some do show up with two.  Some do not.  In short the company is blatantly lying and not responding when issues occur.

They have stolen photos my Chocolate Alchemy.  The have stolen text and descriptions.

And I am hearing about these units catching fire.  If you happen to have one of these units, DO NOT leave it to run unattended.  You might burn your house down.

How do you know which you have?  Have a look.

Authentic Spectra 11

Authentic Spectra 11

Fake Melanger from buyindiankitchen

Fake Melanger from buyindiankitchen


The big sign that the Melanger is fake is the it says "Cherry" and "Santha".  The original wet grinders were made by Santha and modified for use as a Melanger.  Better motor.  Ventilation. Better belts.  Now Spectra is making them specifically for use as a Melanger.  Stronger motors, an overheat thermal switch, better switches.

Yes, the prices may look good.  BUYER beware.  You get what you pay for.

Also, I am really sorry, but I am not able to offer support for these ripoffs if something goes wrong.  And it's not because I'm being petty.  The parts for the Spectra 11 and the maroon santha are not compatible.  Switches are different.  The belts are different sizes.  The pulleys are different. Motor mounts are different.