Can you have too much of a good thing?  With these three new beans that brings your choices for Peru to 7.  That's just crazy but I have no control when it come to passing up good beans.  And all of them are certified Organic.

Peru Piura Blanco Organic 2016/17
There is an undeniable elegance to these lovely Criollo beans.  As the Blanco indicates, it is a lighter "white" bean, pre-fermentation of course.   There is a lovely rose aroma and sweet, full bodied florals. A full fermentation lends to a very well developed chocolate flavor. There are tons of fruits but of the non-citrus variety.  Pretty classic tamarind and nectarine. 

Peru Chuncho Organic 2016/17
The raw beans have most incredible juicy apple aroma.  That intense, heady smell of freshly crushed apple pulp on a cool autumn day.  You smell them and your mouth just starts watering.  There is a full, luxurious mouthfeel. Heavy but not in a dominering way. The fruit is that of a warm apple pie, with touches of crispy wheat crust, just slightly dark.

Peru Superior FT/Organic 2016/17
Jam is the word of the day here.  In the raw beans, in spades while roasting and in the finished chocolate.  For me it brings me back to childhood, putting up grape jam and that thick, warm, tangy aroma that fills the room.  The intensity is nearly unbelievable.

It is very much worth noting that the Piura and Chuncho are in very limited supply.  I have just a few bags of each and that is it.  And also the much loved Oro Verde is also almost gone so get them now while they are here