Level: Novice

Reading Time: 6 minutes (with link following)

Will you be selling cocoa butter silk after the weather warms up?

No, I won't.  Silk is temperature sensitive.  I know lots of chocolate makers sell and ship chocolate over during the warm months.  I'm not set up to do that.

Instead, I want to empower you to make it yourself.  I've mentioned you can use and EZTemper or a Sous Vide to make your own.  What I only hinted at until now is that if you have purchased some Silk from me you can propagate it.  Just like bakers and their sourdough starters and wine makers and beer brewers with their yeasts, you take a small amount of what you want more of and make more. You can do the same thing with Silk.

And I tell all about it right here.

The Care and Feeding of your Cocoa Butter Silk

In short you just temper up a batch of cocoa butter with silk instead of chocolate, and shish bam bomb you have gone from 2 oz of Silk to 22 oz of Silk.

And you can do it over and over and over. At this point I have not found a limit.  I'm on my 5th round and each batch is just as stable and aggressive as the last.

Go forth and multiply.