I have just finished up the details of Chocolate Alchemy’s first Profile Roasting Seminar.  It is for June 24, 2017.  There are currently 6 out of 15 slots left.

I have not been able to offer cocoa from Costa Rica in nearly a decade.  I'm really pleased to be working with Hacienda Azul.  They first planted cacao about 7 years ago in the town of Peralta in the Turrialba region of Costa Rica. Since then they have continued planting and expanding the operation with about 35 hectares planted with 30 of them being mature enough to harvest significant amounts.

Hacienda Azul Direct Trade 2017 This is very much the Yang to the bright, acidic, and fruity Madagascar Yin.  Dry, elegantly bitter, nutty and nuanced.  Please, check it out.  It's a pretty limited supply.

I'm also glad to have a product back that has likewise been nearly a decade.

Better that Milk Soy milk powder.  It allows you tomake a lovely dairy free milk chocolate.

And if you are or have diabetic friends, check out the alternative sugar we are now offering.

Allulose.  It has a zero GI response.

I also want to remind everyone of the Chocolate Making kit of the Month Club.  The current deadline is fast approaching and it is a 66% semisweet Bolivia this month.

Roasted cocoa nibs, sugar, and other ingredients as needed - all weighed out and ready to go.  I'm hoping to add the option of the above two ingredients for those that desire it.

And it is Subscription based (that's the club part) so you only need to order once and it shows up until you decide to stop it.

In addition, since we brought the software online to offer Subscriptions, you can now get a steady supply ofBrewing cocoa at whatever frequency you desire....with a discount for subscribing.