I know a lot of you are kind of bummed out we announced these seminars so late.  I get that and mostly it was out of my control.  I'll be using a Royal #4 that has not yet been used and it had a few issues.  All of us involved were nervous about announcing the Seminar and then having to cancel it because we could not get the roaster working.

But that is beside the point.  We have a few slots open still and if you want to come and can fit it in your schedule we are trying to toss a little balm and love your way as an "I'm sorry" with $50 off. 

Make a note of the coupon code "Save50" and use it at the checkout to get your "I'm sorry" savings! 

After that, I want to let you know I'll be at the NW Chocolate Festival (Un)conference on Friday.  I'll be leading a Roasting Practices session from 10:30-12:00 where I'll answer questions and preach...er....talk about my love of drum roasting.  And I will also be one of the professionals participating in the "Professional Speed "Dating" Mentorship" from 2-4 pm.  Basically you get 15 minutes of my undivided attention and time to discuss whatever you want.

I'll also be at the Festival itself Saturday.

I really hope to see a bunch of you there.  Don't be shy about saying hello.

Don’t forget, we will be closing up for most of this next week to attend the Seminars and NW Chocolate Festival. Any orders in after the close of business Monday the 5th will not ship until we re-open on the 12th.

This latest Roasting Seminar (as do all of them) has kicked off a spat of questions about when and where the next one will be, will I do one in your location and will I do videos. In short, here are the answers.

  • I am planning the next one for the spring of 2019 in Eugene Oregon. No I don’t know the dates yet and yes you will have a LOT more notice than this one.

  • At the moment I am not taking this on the road, BUT I can be hired. I traveled to Brazil earlier in the year for this reason. You need to provide a space I can do the seminar, a drum roaster that can accept manual profile controlling and 8-12 people. The cost is $250-300/person plus expenses. Email me if you have an interest in setting this up.

  • We have plans for doing a video series but it simply won’t be the same. Some much of the seminar and teaching is person to person interaction and clarification and it is impossible for you to taste how chocolates taste different with adjustments to the profile nor can you smell the roast which is absolutely critical for really learning the material.