Site Maintenance

I guess we should get the important stuff out of the way first.  Today (3/7/18) we will be doing some maintenance and behind the scenes upgrades to the stores.  Some of the tabs in the cocoa bean/nib/brewing cocoa products may not work or work oddly. The plan for strangeness is between 9-12 PST, but being strangeness, it could continue all day.  None of the upgrades should keep you from ordering if you wish.

Free Shipping

The conditional Free Shipping offer that I tried out for February was a great success.  People seemed to have appreciated it and no one actively abused it.  There were a few mistakes here and there but these things happen.  For those reasons I am going to keep it on as a permanent feature.

As a review, if you fill any USPS Flat rate package with cocoa beans, cocoa nibs or Brewing cocoa, I'll pick up the shipping in the USA.

That means:

  • 8 lbs into a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box
  • 12 lbs into a USPS Large Flat Rate Box

I've bolded the weights above as that seems to be the most common error - not quite filling the box but being allowed to use the code (the logic of the codes will allow you to add other items for instance but the OFFER does not)..

  • USPS Medium Flat Rate Box 8 lbs. 8lbsfreeshipping or this link
  • USPS Large Flat Rate Box 12 lbs. 12lbsfreeshipping or this link.

You can read all the conditions of the free shipping offer HERE.

New Video

We have a new video up showing how at assemble and use the NutriChef oil press for making your own cocoa butter.

I'm also really stoked to tell you about something new we are trying out.

We’ve put a fair amount of work into a new idea we want to try and see if you find them useful. They’re visual guides, in which we try to blend the power of video with the flexibility of the website. It’d be super helpful if you could give them a look over and send feedback if you have any,

Free free to also let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see a new visual guide for in the future.

As my tech guru said "its a ton of work, i want to know if your people actually give a shit".

I guess that sums it up.  Oh yeah, the links.  Visual Guides on the website.