Previously John said

"In the coming week or two we also have a new Fiji arriving along with 4 from Mexico!!  Stay tuned."

Here are some of them.

We have  new region from Fiji in.  Similar but different from the current Fiji

Fiji Rakiraki Direct Trade 2018 - Toffee, dried fruits and copious amounts of natural sweetness.

The first two out of Mexico are from the Tabasco region.

Mexican Direct Trade Almendra Blanca 2018 - A very pale bean that leaves a lingering flavor of a great peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Mexican Direct Trade Chontalpa 2018 - Distinct sour cherries (not soured cherries mind you) and an intriguing peppery bitterness.

Like the Tien Giang last month, all three of these are very limited in stock, enough so that I probably won't put them for sale wholesale so as many people as possible get a change to experience them....p.s. the Tien Giang is out of stock....that's a hint.

Finally, we are closing up shop for a few days for some much needed rest.

The wonderful crew here just finished a contract roasting project that turned this:


into this:


That is just under 4 MT (8200 lb) of raw beans into 3 MT (6600 lb) of roasted nibs, for a final destination into a brewing project of epic proportions.

We'll see you next week.