I've been given an assignment by my faithful business companion, the Holiness, the Dali Ruzz (inside joke there).  He is responsible for the good photography around this site (see microphone above) and newest videos.  You can hear his silken Canadian tones on the latest video addressing bloomed chocolate and whether or not it is ruined (spoiler:  it isn't).  He started as mostly a computer and photography guy and has been been with Chocolate Alchemy in one form or another since the beginning.  Somewhere along the lines it came up that I should do video (Thanks Tom) and once those were in the can, it into my head that I wanted them to have more lush tones.

I appreciate Ruzz' photography and in my simple little way voiced to him that video was just moving pictures and since he had pictures handled he should continue the video series.  A bunch of hopeless explanations from him later new videos started appearing.....and taking over his life.  All this is by way of explaining that it seems podcasts have now fixated his attention (no worries, the videos will continue).and he is convinced Chocolate Alchemy and me specifically,  should get into podcasting.  I personally think it is payback for tricking him into doing video with my inability to see that video is anything more than moving photos.  (note from ruzz: it totally is :P)

The issue is that I don't get podcasts.  I have two I listen to on a regular basis.  One is about making and one is about lifting - the two things I do when not doing chocolate.  I've tried listening to various chocolate related podcasts and....well, no offense intended to anyone, it is all ME, not YOU, but I'd rather poke my eardrums out than listen to the ones I have so far attempted to listen to with one episode exception what I adored of the Well Tempered Podcast where Mackenzie Rivers of MAP Chocolate was interviewed - that was enjoyable. 

What that means is that I have NO CLUE what makes a good podcast since I can't find more than two that I like and clearly (it is clear, right?) there are more than two good podcasts out there.  And if I don't know what makes a good podcast, how am I to produce (note from ruzz: actually, I'm producing, you're talking) one?  Right?

So we (really it is I) need your help.  Here was my assignment:

Ramble like you always do here about how i made you do this :P  Key points are it's a multi-episode season based Podcast where you sit down with guests and talk chocolate, and craft, and life. Season one should drop everywhere near the end of this year or early 2019. 

I have officially rambled.  He made me do it and why repeat the information he just laid out.  I can do that rambling kind of thing in print here.  I'm not sure how to do it live.  I've even said this to Ruzz but for some reason he goes into paroxysms of laughter.   Hell if I know why.  Moving on.

My thought to Ruzz was we call it Anything But Chocolate or maybe Everything But Chocolate.  I don't think he was amused.  

Anyway, I think we/he are/is thinking 4-6 episodes.  What do you want to hear and who should I talk to that hasn't already been beaten to death already?   Do YOU want to be on the podcast?  Why?  Convince me. Help me entertain and amuse you.

Maybe it should be a variation of Ask the Alchemist where it is ALL your questions and the guest and I talk them over, hash them out, take them out of context, drag them down dark back alleys and springboard them into nothing at all related to chocolate....that's starting to sound a little fun.

So, as Ruzz finished the assignement:

We need your questions for the show. Click the link in the sidebar and fill out the form to add your question to our list.