Before we jump into the NINE (9) new beans, I want to let everyone know that the dates are set for the next set of in depth, full day, Drum Roasting Profile Seminar.  Spots (limited to 10 each) are starting to fill up.

Roasting Seminar 2019

You will learn all about how to develop and control the flavor during a roast.  We focus on drum roasting only and you will have hands on experience roasting on our antique 1905 Royal #5 roaster.  We dive deep into roasting theory, practice and roaster use.

I don't think we have ever had such an array of fantastic beans come available all at once.  Try not to get overwhelmed.

Guatemala Cahabon is back.  These are huge beans with a bold chocolate profile yet also some delicate floral notes.

Colombia -Arhuacos The chocolate flavor is full and deep with a melange of sun warmed cherry and a vibrancy of crisp orange citrus.

Guatemala Asochivite Organic It is a study in brightness, tang and vibrancy.  The aroma is laden with lemongrass and chocolate.  The flavor jumps right in with a frontal assault of lemon/lime tartness like the first eye watering bite of a stunningly made key lime pie. 

Guatemala Monte Grande Organic The entire flavor profile is a beautiful example of balanced brightness.  The grape aroma continues on with a comfortable tang of acidity along with a tart vibrancy or citron and clarity.

Guatemala Chimelb  There is raw cane sugar and vanilla present (not literally, please).  It has a tight low level acidity and f you are careful you can probably detect a touch of green tobacco in the aftertaste and the brightness of lychee in the flavor and aroma.

Colombia Sierra Nevada You have heard of fruit bombs, right?  A chocolate brimming with unrestrained fruit flavors?  Well this is an earth bomb.  Layers and layers of earth, mulch, leather and the like.

Colombia Tumaco The immediate impression is one of soft creaminess, honey, a little malt

Dominican Republic Oko Caribe Wood and red fruits dominate the aroma.  The flavor is juicy red fruits such as sweet cherry and huckleberry.

Haiti - PISA 2018 Organic First impressions are nutty (pistachio) and minerally (dry tannins). It is a soft and slightly meek or reserved flavor profile that opens up as you continue

Many of these are available as Brewing Cocoa and if you find you just need a lot more of one or more of these they are all available Wholesale