It looks like January was a good month. We are presently out of both the Ghana Forastero and the Ocumare Criollo. Both are on order and will be here in a week or two. The new Ghana crop is the primary harvest this time, so the beans should be larger than the midcrop that we did carry. And really nice news for the Ocumare. This crop will be Certified Organic. In addition, the co-op has really been working on its fermentation, so expect some good flavor and consistency from this crop. Now a little disappointing news. It does not look like we will be carrying the Barinas, fermented or unfermented, in the foreseeable future. What we have is it. I won't get into all the factors as to why I decided not to get them again, but a lot had to due with the high price and spotty availability. Unfortunately, it also means we won't have the two new regions (Tachira and Merida) that I had hoped to carry. Maybe next year. I am kind of sad because the Tachira had a really neat dry nutty flavor that I had not tasted in any other bean except Porcelana.

And finally, about Porcelana. I would really like your (yes, you the customer) serious opinions on it. I might have the opportunity to make some available. The problem, per se, is that it is going to be a rather expensive bean. OK, very expensive. Possibly over $30.00/lb. This is because of its extreme rarity and flavor. It is an amazingly delicate, nutty flavored cocoa bean. Would you buy it at that price? Please let me know. E-mail me or leave a note here. You can read a bit about two different Porcelana chocolates. One from Amedei and one from Domori. Would you want the opportunity to make this kind of chocolate?