This is the kind of announcement that I just loathe making, but here is it. We are temporarily out off ALL cocoa beans. We have both the main crop Ghana Forastero and Organic Ocumare on order. They should well have been here by now (they were ordered before we ever ran out last month) but FedEx lost the shipment of Ghanans. How do lose that much cocoa? You tell me and we will both know! The Ocumare has hit problem after problem - bad quality that my importer turned down, floods in Venezuela, and more shipping problems. No excuses, just the facts. A good crop is on the way. So this is how I guess it will have to go. I will tentatively take orders for the Ocumare and Ghana, give quotes for shipping amounts, and put you on a list to notify when they come in. I can not take any payments now for just cocoa beans as I do not know how much the beans will finally be until they actually arrive. I can and will accept orders on the Kits and Cocoa Mill as they are a set price regardless of the cocoa beans included, but of course the kits will not ship until the new stock is in.

Thank you for your understanding, and patience, and as my supplier said to me "hang in there, I will take care of you".

I apologize for the inconvenience folks.