The US postal service has changed (and simplified they say) the international shipping rates.  Surface rates have not been eliminated, but in their place, they have added a Flat Rate box option.  In general, we can fit 8 lbs of cocoa beans into a Flat rate box, but a few other items.  We have eliminated the "cocoa beans only" restriction and will see how it works.  If you know the size of the flat rate box and know a product will not fit, please be considerate and don't choose that option.  Our software is not fool proof.  Rates: USA:  $ 8.80

Canada:  $24.00

International: $38.00

Believe it or not, that really is a savings (8 lbs to the UK for instance would be almost $50.00).  The draw back is that there is no insurance or tracking available, so there is a trade off.

In other news, we have a great new Dominican Republic cocoa bean on the way, and one from Tabasco in a month or so.  I am REALLY looking forward to the one from Tabasco (not that I am not looking forward to the DR).  It has the most delicate husk, and you can actually peel it by hand. Just paper thin.  And the flavor is like nothing I have offered before.  Notes of cedar, nuts and some savoriness that is best described as the  Umami.  That may not sound like it would taste right in chocolate, but it does.

Finally, within the next week or so, once we have tested it of course, we will be officially be accepting credit cards.  Right now it is only through Paypal.  The Paypal option will remain, but we determined it was time (way past time) to make the jump.