What you say, I didn't accept them before? No we didn't. Don't all business's accept credit cards? Most "normal" ones do, but are we normal?Believe it or not, no, we didn't. But we have jumped through the appropriate hoops, filled out the appropriate forms and listened to your requests to accept credit cards some way other than Paypal (we will still accept Paypal). Will now be accepting them via Authorize.net.

authorize.bmp I FULLY expect there to be some problems. Aren't there always with these things that are supposed to make our life easier? Rest assured, there is and always will be a live person behind everything that goes on here. If you find a problem, can't get your card to go through or anything else unexpected happens, please let me (Alchemist John) know as soon as you can.

On a final practical note, your card will not be charged until we ship your order.