The first thing is that we are transitioning into some new labels. Will it affect the flavor of the product? Nope. Why do it? Well, it's been 5 years with basic labels, we finished our taxes (yeah, wild round of applause for all of you who did also), have decided will stay in business (like there was really any question) and simply wanted a new and sharper look. For a while you will see both labels as we work out logistics. For now, they will be on the new products.sugar10.jpg With that in mind, we have 3 new products. Two types of milk powder (Goat and Soy) and an Organic/Fair Trade Cane sugar. The Goat Milk Powder is a whole milk powder and from Meyenburg. The Soy Milk Powder is "Better than Milk". The Cane Sugar is from Wholesome Sweeteners. It is considered unrefined because refined and organic don't seem to play well together, but it has a very neutral flavor. new3.jpg I also have a very limited supply (about 20) of some very heavy duty commercial molds. They are what I am calling "Aztec" molds. 72 cavity 0.2 oz trapezoidal shapes. When they are gone, they are gone.

Finally, look for a couple new beans next month. A piquant and smoky Papua New Guinea and some Fair Trade Ghana again. And maybe (don't hold your breath, but do cross your fingers) some more Ocumare from Venezuela.