Hi all. Through a number of really annoying coincidences, we are having computer "issues" all over the place. My apologies in advance if orders are a few days late. We have having intermittent computer interface connection problems, a computer power supply trying to die, an email system with download difficulties and them all occurring together. It's making the routine job of answering email (don't worry, none is being lost) and processing orders very trying and taking way longer than it should. Aside from that, due to popular request, we again have Deodorized cocoa butter available (at a raise price due to transport and fuel costs - it's everywhere isn't it). And yes, we are out of quite a few molds. Those will all be back in stock in a week or so.


E-mail is back up, but UHG, it looks like both the retail and wholesale store is down.  Yet again, Believe it or Not, totally unrelated to the above issues.  No ETA at the moment for time back up.

Sorry folks - working on it.