Ok, it appears the store, email, computer and other items of the modern age are back working ok (for the moment). E-mail seems a little slow, but there are no indications that anything was lost. Then again, how would I know I guess. If you have written over the weekend and not heard back, then most likely it was lost to the ether - drop me a line here to let me know and/or try again. And we received in the 1 oz bar molds, and sold out almost immediately. More should be in a couple weeks from now.

On a different note, we have begun to implement Shipping Notifications.  I am still getting used to the software interface.  Here are a few 'rules' to note.

1)  Tracking numbers will be supplied when UPS and UPS only is chosen.

2)  There will be no tracking numbers for USPS (part of the reason USPS is cheaper - less 'extras'), even International. 3)  Tracking numbers for drop shipped items will not be given in the Shipping notification.  Only that they order has been placed with the drop ship supplier (Melanger, Champion Juicer and Cocoa mill).