I have another refurbished Behmor in less than pristine condition. The Good - no roasts on it except the one QC roast and I am offering it at a further discount. The Bad - UPS returned this on with their own special touch.  They banged the left side and door pretty well.  It is fully functional, but the door isn't super smooth (they cracked a plastic bit) but should not get worse.

The Ugly - I replaced the left panel, but the frame is still not 100% perfect and there are some scratches.

The last one like this went in about 30 minutes.  First come, first serve.  Enter UPSDENT in the discount code at checkout for a $25 discount making it $174.00 plus shipping.

Also, a new origin will be in this week.  A beautifully prepared Trinatario from Peru.  Reminds me a bit of the Panama (who's new crop will be in at the end of the month).

And Santha now has stock of Melangers again.  I am still waiting to hear what spare parts are available.