Just a few notes before I am gone for a bit. The first of course is that we will be closed for the next week while I am taking care of family medical issues.  As I type this, all orders that came in before 5 am, Friday 27, PST, have been packed and shipped.  Any that come in today onward for the next week will not be processed untill I return.  I am leaving the shopping cart turned on. Likewise, I mostly will be out of e-mail contact.  I wish I could give some alternatives, but I can't.  If you have general questions, as opposed to problems, eta questions and the like that only I can answer, consider stopping by the Forum.  They are fellow chocolate makers and have a wealth of information.

The new crop of Panama is now in and available.

That is all for now.  Thank you for all your kind e-mails, calls, words and thought.  And understanding and patience.

Thank you.