Winnower:  The winnower is apart, modified, and on the way back to being put back together.  Winnower V.1.2.  It has a more optimized flow path for both the beans and nibs and the introduction point is now optimized.  The plan for V.1.3 is the automated feed mechanism and closed catch basic for the nibs.  After that,  V.2.1 gets built out of metal, and I start working out manufacturing possibilities for the beta units. Closing:  I will be out of town from June 22 to July 9.  E-mail will be very limited.  I will be in Florida dealing with my mother's estate.  As always, I will leave the store open but no orders will ship until the week after July 9.  I will have all orders complete that are currently in house.

Refurbished Behmors:  I am about 3/4 through the waiting list.  Everyone who has asked to be put on or before May 30 has been notified of available units.  Check your email dates.  If you wrote me before May 30, but did not get a notice, please write me as you should have.  A number of people have not responded, so I moved on down the list.

Cocoa butter:  Deodorized Cocoa butter is available.  Unfortunately the supplier and Chocolate Alchemy are not working out, so this is only temporary.