I and my family are going to something that many have gone through, and make it through, but we have not.  It will undoubtedly affect Chocolate Alchemy.  To what degree, I have no idea.  I am not closing like when Penelope (my partner) had melanoma treatments, but I will say I will most likely be less responsive than I have been.  And I am not yet sure how long it will last.  Some length of time.  I hope of the shorter scale, but longer than I want. Penelope died yesterday, September 3, 2009 of  respiratory failure due to complications of open brain surgery (performed a month ago that I never mentioned, to remove melanoma tumors) and the result of untreated  melanoma tumors still in her brain.

I've lost my wife, am a single parent now of a beautiful 8 (very soon to be 9) year old daughter, run Chocolate Alchemy, a small farm, work 40 hours outside of here 60 miles away.

Things will be changing.  The farm will be sold.  We will be moving closer to the day job and where my daughter goes to school.  I have to get a grip on not having half of myself.  And I want and I think  need to keep running Chocolate Alchemy.

If you are wondering if you should hold off orders (to save me work, or because you don't like the potential for delays), all I can say is I love Chocolate Alchemy.  Orders may well get behind.  They might not.  I personally would prefer you order, ask me questions and just keep life moving forward, because it is going to regardless, and if it is what I recognize, or am at least familiar with, all the better.

I know there is more I want to write here, but that is it for now.  If you want or need to know something, please ask.