Madagascar will be back in stock early next week.  I also have a brand new semi-washed (more on that later) Ecuador that is full of clean graham cracker and malt flavors.  A couple weeks after that I am going to be offering up four of the current stock as roasted (with small minimums) and see how that goes. And finally the stock of refurbished Behmors is quickly dwindling but also I am not able to repair them at the speed I want (Penelope is p. rehab after another surgery, so spare time is a myth) but I getting a couple here and there.

The winnower?  Not much with that spare time myth, but I do have a new cracker/mill in mind that I hope to couple with the winnower.

But in a spat of free time, I finished up a Chocolate Formulator in Excel I have used for some time now.  You can down load it and them discuss it over in the Forum or down load it directly below.

Chocolate Alchemy Formulator