We are just about out of the delicate and soft Peru.  No, I don't know if any more will be coming in any time soon.  So, if you have not tried it and have been thinking about it, now is the time.  It probably will not be around next week. The same is true with the Deodorized Cocoa butter.  There are a few pounds left and I am not sure when or if more will be back.  The last supplier was not true to his word and I just won't be getting more there, regardless of how nice it was.  Oh, and the Natural cocoa butter is currently back ordered about a week.  It is on the way, but my little Internet outage a couple weeks ago disrupted that supply train and so it's running behind.  The site shows it in stock - just be aware it isn't but will be next week. Roasted Beans: This area has been empty quite a while.  Look for it getting filled this week.  There will be 10 lb and 25 lb amounts of most of beans we carry (no Peru of course).  These are roasted in a large drum roaster, and 5 lbs may be problematical as I don't want roasted beans setting around getting stale, but nor do I want to just toss them.  Proverbial rock and a hard place.  What do people think of a "Roasted bean of the week" on a set schedule so you can plan ahead?  If that were to work out, I could even offer 1 lb and up.  I may try that.  Give me input.

For the last 5 years I have tried to ship out in a fast and timely manner.   Generally 2-3 days, many orders went out the next day.  That record has mostly gone away with the death of Penelope, my wife.  Although the Order confirmations don't reflect this (yet - but soon), right now I am packing and shipping orders once a week, on the weekends.  It is simply all I can do.  Hopefully you understand.  Regardless, it is how it is.  In a few months, it may change - or not.  Only time will tell.

Finally, the Winnower.  It is mostly at a standstill development wise, although it is getting good use and I am collecting lots of data as to what works and what does not.  I am not advertising, except  this little note for the moment, but I am willing to accept larger orders of nibs (over the 5 lb maximum) currently.  Turn around time is 7-14 days (noting I am only shipping once a week) but I am here to meet your needs and if you need 10 or 20 or 30 lbs of raw (sorry, not roast yet) nibs, drop me an email and we can set up the specifics.  The only catch is that for that amount I will be charging a winnowing fee.  Generally $1-1.5/lb.  Under 5 lbs is still free.

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