Well, the Peru sold out the same day I said it was in short supply.  I was just about to put up the same 'low stock' warning about the Papua New Guinea, but alas, it is actually all gone.I have a sample of  Papua New Guinea in from the current crop that I like a lot.  Look for it in a few weeks I suspect.  A touch less smokey and a little more balanced and with more depth of flavor.  More later on that.

We have also run out of deodorized cocoa butter.  At this moment, I don't know when I will get more in.  I have to find a better supplier.  The one for the last batch kept playing price and money games and I don't have time or patience to play games.Oh, and some/most of the individual post links and possible the comments here are not currently working.  I know about it.  Just have to work out some server issues. That goes for some of the other other main header links (FAQ, Contact, etc).  Have to work out where the file path is wrong on the new server.  Thanks for you patience.