It's a day for announcements   Just a lot of things to cover. I'll start off with that we have a new bean in, that we have not had in some time.  The Co-op has really stepped up consistency, so whereas before, this cocoa bean had a good flavor, you had to work a bit for it.  Now, you get nice flavor (soft blackberry, malt and biscuit), it's easy to work with also.  Go check out the new review for the Dominican Republic from Conacado Co-op. I have been wanting to do this next item for some time.  I am venturing into Roasted beans with the assistance of a semi local roaster.   There will be a just a select few for a while, plus a weekly roasting schedule for those that don't want or need 10 lbs.  Just order ahead and they will go out as their week comes around.  And as a small bonus, the  Don Homero that I ran out of a month back or so, will be available until it runs out.  If this goes well, I will cycle all of the cocoa bean stock to roasted availability. I have the next version of the Winnow designed up, and will get parts in the next couple weeks.  After that, it goes to a local shop for beta versions.  A couple months still, but coming up and making progress. And finally, a minor note.  I have reduced (pretty drastically) the Sampler pack prices.  Somehow the prices were a hold over from when beans were more expensive.

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