But maybe we could consider it the calm before the storm.  It's taken me a bit to get my bearing here in the new locale.  Many of you have commented that I have not put much up new, or talked a lot.  Well, my plan is to change that, and get things moving and shaking here again. So, before that, I have a few quick, but pertinent announcements.

1)  I will be out of town this weekend (April 15-17) so 'weekend' orders will be delayed going out for an extra couple of days.  And likewise, I will not be around to answer e-mails.  But they will all be answered once I am back.

2)  I will be changing my shipping times back 3-4 day turn around times.  Thank you for all your patience.  I've not liked shipping only once a week, but I did what I had to do to keep things going.

3)  As sort of a gentle lead in, or transition, most of you know I lost my life partner to cancer last year. A dear friend is doing a Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society.  I would officially like those of you so inclined, please donate in memory of Penelope, or of course, anyone else that was been affected by cancer.  Her name is Susan Roland, and you can see here page and donate Here.  It may say she has reached her financial goal - it's in error, so if you see that, please do not let that dissuade you from donating.  Anything of course helps, and thank you.

4) New beans - Finally, finally, finally, I will be getting in some Venezuelan -  And not just Ocumare.  If all goes right, there will be a plumy red wine like Rio Caribe, a succulent Carenero Superior and possibly even two others that I am going to keep under wraps right now.

5) Winnower - it is coming along.  I have the beta unit about 1/2 built and hope to test it out within the next month, AND have a new design that I want to try out - but I will keep on the first on until it is done.

6)  Finally, although it isn't plastered all over the site, and honestly, may even be a little hard to tell, I am here to help you succeed.  If you are thinking of going into a small cottage industry chocolate endeavor, and can't quite pull the logistics together, please ask me how I can help (specifics would be helpful).  Do you want/need large amounts of roasted beans, nibs - full pallets of of beans or single bags on a regular basis?  These are variations I can help with.  Just ask. That's it for now

Happy chocolate making everyone.

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