As most people know, I've been working on a winnower for some time now.  Well, so has someone else, and it is rather exciting.  At least I am excited.  It is a very elegant design.  It's based on the principal of a cyclone dust collector. You can see it in action at Brooklyn Cacao .

Now there is the good news and the bad news (as I see it).  It's not scaled for 'us' - either production or cost wise.  That's the bad news.  It produces up to 70 kg/hour - truly stunning.  And it is approximately $35K.  Yes, that's the price and what I consider the bad news.   And to be fair, it is made out 5 mm pyrex glass, stainless steel and include a great new designed 2 stage crack, plus all the motors and blowers you need. The good news is that I am discussions with the inventor of this patent pending design, and we (I dearly hope) to work out a model that is more approachable to our needs.

And, no, I won't be stopping work on my design.