With the addition of a new origin (Costa Rica), and the return of one (Ecuador), that puts the total number of varieties available to a new high for Chocolate Alchemy.  Sure, not as many as available as coffee, but not insignificant either.  The Costa Rican   is from the Umpala region, and has a nice soft elegance to it and is both Fair trade and Organic.  The Ecuador is also Organic (but not Fair trade certified on a technicality as it doesn't come from a co-op)  and has a nice balance of delicate fruit, nut and savoriness. With this many cocoa bean varieties in house, I have started the minor project of updating my cocoa bean info page.  It's long overdue and this gives me the perfect opportunity.  Here's a quick look at the kind of thing that will go in.  "Break" or the color associated with the unroasted beans and how it relates to their varieties, i.e. Forastero, Trinitario or Criollo.