I am still working my way through the cocoa beans and determining how I want to offer them.  In the mean time, I have a new Extra deodorized cocoa butter.  Why another one?  This batch was washed an extra time or two and is about as pure as you can it - it is Organic as a bonus.  Have a look at them side by side. cocoa-butters.JPG

And you may have noticed, scales have been out of stock for some time.   Escali is no longer carrying them.  This is the next one up.  I've been using it some time, and like it quite a bit.  A touch more, but much more rugged I have found.  It has a larger base, good back light, nice accuracy and just generally a good tool.  Check it out here. 


Finally, during some R&D work on the winnower, I determined I needed a better cracker.  That is now in the works.  One quick outcome of that is a longer handler for the Crankandstein Cocoa mill.  It really makes the most of leverage and is a blessing to use.


And keep an eye out.  I have something a little fun planned and I want you to participate.