I have some interesting offerings coming up.  A selection of various Ghana and Indonesian cocoa that I had the opportunity to share with you.  I am still working out how I am going to offer it.  Maybe as micro lots.  Maybe some as blends.  Stay tuned. And as far as opportunities go, the same thing happened with 3 lots of cocoa butter.  Look for the standard Cocoa butter, plus two new deodorized ones.  The first deodorized one is similar to what I currently have, and has a touch of color and aroma (just a little mind you).  The new one is much paler and odorless.  Perfect for those that want just oil added to their chocolate without ANYTHING to change the flavor.  Both are organic.  I've wondered for some time what the deodorization process is - it is washing with hot water.  No chemicals, charcoal, solvents or the like.  Just water.  Nice.  Look for those by Monday. The winnower continues to proceed.  I found that my cracking (and lack of near perfect consistency) was inhibiting the consistency I wanted in the winnower.  So I've been working on a new deluxe Cracker.  Versions 1 and 2 are past and the beta cracker is being machine as we speak.  Once it's here, I'll incorporate it into the winnower and move forward.

I have been offering Roasted Cocoa beans for the last couple months on a weekly basis and it has gone pretty well, and I've not fallen behind.  With that in mind, I will be making all beans available as roasted in the very near future. And finally, it's been a rough year as you all know.  Shipping has suffered from only being able to ship once a week.  My plan is to get back to 48-72 hour turnaround.