It's been a year and a day since Penelope died.  It's been kind of a rough ride.  I want to thank everyone for their understanding and support.  Chocolate Alchemy would not be where it is if not for her and her support.  There were many times, especially during the last year before she died that I thought of giving it up...but she would not let me. With that, it's my plan to get Chocolate Alchemy back to where it was in regards to shipping, order turnaround, etc. that is used to be.  It may never be exact there as it's just me and my daughter, but shipping will be moving to more than once a week.  That's for sure.

And I will ask (and have something a little more formal in the works), what do you my devoted (and new) customers want that I am not providing?  What can I do to make this mystical alchemical chocolate journey more approachable?  That's what I want - to make it easy (or at least not daunting) for you.  And it does not have to be just that.  What suggestions do you have for the site and stores and products that would make it better for you?

That's it for now.  I'm off to the shop to finish an enclosure that will allow me to treat and store a pallet of beans at a time with CO2.  Just in time for the 1.5 tons of beans coming in...

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