The drawings of the newest (and hopefully final) version of the deluxe cracker have been sent to the shop for quoting and production.  Maybe I'll get some quick photos up to show it off. There is a new bean from the Dominican Republic in.  It will be up and available over the weekend.  It has a richness, and umami not unlike Carenero Superior, and quite a bit different than Conacado.

And just something to consider - Unsweetened Milk chocolate.  I made some the other day as a special request (yes I do take and fulfill some special requests) and it was surprisingly good.  The lactose from the milk powder is quite a bit of sugar actually and it was interesting.

On the other side of that, I am always getting questions about chocolate made from cocoa powder and cocoa butter.  Is it possible?  Of course.  Do I recommend?  Of course not.  Why?  Well, I tried a batch from the best cocoa powder I could find (a couple really, one being Dagoba) and the final chocolate left a lot to be desired.  Cooked (like boiled milk) was the main impression I was left with.  The cocoa powder was just to processed.  The other was a 'raw' cocoa powder (although it was roasted - don't ask me why it was labeled raw) and it was just down right disgusting.

Look for the new Dominican in a day or so.

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